Merits of Hemp Oil for Pets

There has been an increased awareness for hemp oil in recent years and it is not just good for humans but also for pets. Hemp oil is actually a superfood and it comes with a lot of nutritional benefits. Also, you should not confuse hemp and CBD. A lot of people are not aware of the difference between CBD and hemp oil. Both are derived from the hemp plant which is cannabis sativa or known s industrial hemp. However, CBD is from the buds, leaves, and stalk of the hemp plant. It has therapeutic uses in managing various health conditions including cancer, seizures, anxiety and even inflammation. However, hemp oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant and it can be used as a nutritional supplement. The seeds do not have a lot of CBD in them but they are known for their nutritional purposes. For more info about the benefits of hemp oil for pets, visit this site.

Hemp seed oil is crucial for your dogs because it has a high content of Gamma-linoleic acid. Omega-6 fat can be provided to the dog so that it can synthesize GLA but even a healthy dog can be deficient in it. This compound is essential in the synthesis of prostaglandins in your body. These prostaglandins are hormone-like substances which are needed in controlling inflammation and also supporting various body functions. GLA deficiencies will means an increased susceptibility for skin problems, cancer, diabetes, digestive issues, premature aging, arthritis and also allergies. These are issues you do not want your dog to have which is why it should be protected from such. It is an easy thing because all you need is to provide your dog with enough supply of hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil has a high content of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. These work together in reducing inflammation in your body. There should be a good balance of the fats because their mechanism of action is synergistic. Not all kinds of inflammations are bad. Remember that inflammation is a way for the body to respond to injuries and diseases and eventually lead to healing. The omega-6 fatty acids in hemp seed oil will help the body cells to recover. Here, you get to discover that this oil is also an antioxidant thanks to its high content of vitamin E and carotene. These strengthen the immune system to help fight diseases so that your pet can remain healthy all the time. Therefore, if you want your dog or any other pet to have a healthy life you need to give them hemp oil for pets.

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